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Hello, my name is Steve MacDonald. I have been collecting vintage games since 2006. I am a member of the Video Arcade Preservation Society and I share and repair as many of these games as possible. I hope something here can help you restore your game and get you playing it again!

This collection of games is in operation and restoration: only 1 man slowly working on many (not 5 working on one). I offer that here on my website to explain and apologize for response times. 

Like many people restoring old things, I often come across a need for something that just isn't available anymore. Thankfully we now have technology that makes it 'somewhat easier' to "make that again." I've got some great friends who help me manufacture these requests when I bring them some odd 1980 project. It only makes sense (and keeps costs lower) to make more than one when you do, so hopefully we can help other gamers by some efforts here. I'm very proud of my friend's work behind Illustrator redrawing that Frenzy marquee; another great friend cut/buffed every one of those pieces of glass. Hand. Made.  The gamut is wide from 1930-2012 and the artists that care like I do are as rare as the games! So true is the statement of taking patience and the labor it takes with (each of) these pretty pieces.  

I will certainly get to your email or voicemail or order, please be patient - I do care!

Thanks for visiting my website - Be well, game on!


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