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Jack The Giantkiller : GAME DETAILS
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Serial Number
Jack The Giantkiller
LO 2046

Game Description:

Enthusiastic players help Jack in his perilous journey up the beanstalk to retrieve treasures and rescue the Princess from the giant's castle. The adventures up and down the beanstalk hold many different obstacles that add to the game's challenges. The dangers of climbing through the treacherous stalk are magnified by the various creatures that will attack Jack to keep him from reaching the top. The rewards for completing each phase of the climb include both scoring opportunities and special animated cartoons that announce a player's successes.

The exciting action is enhanced by the continuous introduction of new elements to the game play. Twelve different levels of difficulty are included to challenge the player and maintain interest for even more repeated attempts to rescue the Princess in Jack the Giantkiller.

There are five different scenes of action that Jack encounters in his journey to retrieve the treasures. Each scene offers a different play action for optimum variety:

Scene 1 - JACK CLIMBS THE BEANSTALK from his cottage through the thick maze of leaves. Gathering beans as he carefully climbs the stalk gives Jack points and ammunition to use against enemies. In this scene Jack can be attacked by a woodpecker, caterpillars, a moth, or a flying bee depending on the difficulty level. Using the beans to protect himself from attackers will also add to the score and help Jack reach the clouds.

Scene 2 - JACK ENTERS THE CLOUDS and carefully makes his way to the castle without falling. Lions and attacking birds cause additional barriers to be avoided by jumping over them or throwing beans at them. Jack must cross the lowered drawbridge to enter the castle.

Scene 3 - JACK CLIMBS THE CASTLE STAIRWAY leading to the Giant's room. There are missing stones and steps falling that Jack must avoid as he runs and leaps up the stairs. A cat and mouse running on the stairway create another obstacle to overcome as he approaches the Giant's room.

Scene 4 - JACK ENTERS THE GIANT'S ROOM and must climb up platforms and stairs to reach the top of the table where the treasures are seen next to the sleeping Giant. Flying magic lamps try to keep Jack from reaching his goal. As an extra bonus scoring feature in this scene, Jack can catch falling golden eggs from the Goose in his hat. The Singing Harp, a Bag of Gold, The Goose that Lays Golden Eggs, and the Princess are all waiting to be retrieved. After getting the item that is flashing, Jack must safely return home.

Scene 5 - JACK CLIMBS DOWN THE BEANSTALK with each treasure he retrieves. While climbing down, the Giant tosses rocks at Jack to challenge his descent. With quick responses he can reach the cottage safely and be ready to start again to get the next item. After rescuing the Princess, Jack chops down the beanstalk; Jack then begins his adventures again at an even higher difficulty level.
(Source: Cinematronics flyer)

Dimensions: 70 1/4" x 26 1/2" x 30"
Weight: 280 lbs.

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