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Asteroids Deluxe : GAME DETAILS
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Asteroids Deluxe

Game Description:

ASTEROIDS was the genesis of a modern revolution in video game technology and player appeal. Now ASTEROIDS DELUXE continues the video revolution with incredible new realism, new competitive skill challenges, and new repeat playability.

Reality, the new innovation.
The game begins with the player's spacecraft positioned at center screen. The asteroids appear slowly at first. Suddendly the ship is engulfed in a storm of deadly space rocks. The pilot must maneuver instantly, rotate the ship left and right, energize his thrusters...the longer the spacecraft can avoid destruction, the more rocks and enemy saucers can be blasted away for points. Atari's unique QuadraScan video graphics are superimposed over a full color painting of an asteroids stram. Blacklight illumination and raised cutout rocks and spacecraft offer players a realistic illusion of dimensional space.

New Shield protection.
If collision with an asteroid or a direct hit from an enemy spacecraft is unavoidable, the player may press the "Shield" button to protect his ship from attack temporarily. The "Shield" must be used sparingly as the force field fades and eventually disintegrates if used excessively. Shields are re-energized at full strength for each new spacecraft "life".

New Killer Satellite target
Play challenge increases as score increases. During the second wave of asteroids and during each succeeding onslaught, a deadly Killer Satellite veers onto the playfield. A hit on the Satellite explodes it into three smaller craft, then into six even smaller targets after each is hit. Each segment of the Satellite also chases the player's craft with a doggedness that increases as the player's score increases, until all segments are destroyed.

New "Smart" Saucers.
enemy saucers are more intelligent. Both large and small "enemy" saucers shoot at player's ship, rocks, and Killer Satellite. The large saucers fires three out of four shots at asteroids, the fourth at the player. The small saucer fires two out of three shots at the player, the third at asteroids. This feature eliminates the possibility of players "lurking" behind an asteroid to ambush saucers as they appear.

Special High Score Table. New non-volatile memory.
The ten best scores on the game can be displayed along with the corresponding player's initials in the attract mode. The new non-volatile memory feature retains the top three scores if power is off.

Game Scoring
Large Saucer = 200 points
Small Saucer = 1000 points
Small Asteroid = 100 points
Medium Asteroid = 50 points
Large Asteroid = 20 points
Killer Satellite = 50 points
Large Segment = 100 points
Small Segment = 200 points

(source: Atari flyer)

Dimensions: 71" x 26.75" x 25.25"
Weight: 313 lbs.

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