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Dig Dug

Game Description:

Dig Dug™ is an exciting new type of maze game. Now players create their own mazes by controlling "Dig Dug", a dauntless miner who feverishly digs tunnels to dodge or destroy the precocious "Pooka" or the ferocious "Fygar", and to collect veggie treasures. Changing screens, multiple difficulty levels, 21 unique sound effects and a calliope accompaniment enhance game play. Dig Dug is a fun-filled new strategy challenge with fantastic appeal for every type of player --novice, expert, male, and female.

Dig Dug must destroy the meanies by strategically digging a tunnel underneath a waiting rock to let it fall on a pursuing manster or by turning quickly, pumping them up until they explode.
Each round is completed when all monsters are either destroyed or escape. Pooka or Fygar van travel through the dirt as ghosts but change back to monsters and become vulnerable again when exposed to air in a tunnel or cave.
Extra points are scored for collecting different vegetables which appear in each round for 10 seconds in the tunnel at the same spot where Dig Dug started. There's only one veggie per round, so Dig Dug must dig quickly to get it.

Continuation of Game To keep the challenge going, players can choose their own skill level. After playing a round, the player has 16 seconds to begin a new game at the same skill level previously achieved rather than going back to Round 1.

Pump Control. Pressing the control once or twice stuns the monsters, allowing Dig Dug to get around them in the tunnels. Holding the button down pumps up Pooka or Fygar until they explode. The Pump can be used instead of dropping rocks.

Hi Score Table. Dig Dug's High Score Table displays the current top five scores achieved along with the players initials. The non-volatile memory retains these top five scores if power is off. The High Score Table keeps players coming back for more.
(Source: Atari flyer)

Dimension: 71" x 26.75" x 25.25"
Weight: 307 lbs.

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