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Dark Planet : GAME DETAILS
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Dark Planet

Game Description:

Stern gives video games a new reality. Dark Planet has depth. Its Third Dimension is really there. Battles are fought on two planes: the upper atmosphere and the planet's surface. Ammunition zaps between them.
A lone starship slips into the upper atmosphere of the Dark Planet. High above the volcanic surface, it soars. From the bunkers on the planet's surface, fighters fly up the conveyer tube to the upper atmosphere, to converge with a blitz of destroyer missiles. The starship fights back and wipes them out. Far below on the planet's surface, a massive counter-attack develops. To protect enemy bunkers, rail rovers blaze a trail for laser trains which shoot their destroyer beams skyward. THE STARSHIP RETALIATES! It swoops down the conveyer tube to the planet's barren surface. There is destroys rail rovers and laser trains, and then devastates the bunkers. Meanwhile, an erupting volcano engulfs the upper reaches. Dark Planet has more than the visual dimension ...the added dimension of excitement. Two players battle for the highest score. They peer into a specially designed viewing area and a 3-D scene appears before their eyes. They see the battlefield, the planet's rocky surface. In the center, the volcano reaches upward into the upper atmosphere where the starship first engages in battle. A combination of buttons and a directional control makes the game move swiftly. The directional control allows the starship to zoom up and down the conveyer tube and turn a full 360 degrees with lightning speed. Hitting the Thrust button accelerates the starship to "fast forward." The starship's challenge is to ravage the planet's bunkers which are protected by batteries of sophisticated machines. Rail rovers explode on contact. Fighters launch missiles, and the laser trains beam their destroyer rays when the Laser button is hit. Points are scored when the starship demolishes the enemy: Rail rovers, 100 points; Fighters, 100 points; Laser trains, 10,000 points. Burning one bunker yields 10,000 points; burning all three at once, a 50,000 bonus.
(Source: Stern flyer)

Weight: 400 lbs.

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