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This Circus cabinet has been purchased to make into a Rip Cord game. Currently in the works, only a few modifications need to be made yet: a 2nd (authentic) Rip Cord bezel is ready, our side art is ready, and our game ROMs are copied. We need to modify this existing Circus PCB to accomodate the new chips, modify the control panel, and manufacture the front rip cord mechanism. Our model Rip Cord game is actually a factory-modified Circus, so we're just doing what Exidy did in 1979.

"CIRCUS," the "hit" of the 1977 A.M.O.A. Show, is a one or two player skill game which requires the player to bounce a jumping clown off the proper side of a springboard, and in turn, propel another clown to the top of the screen where he can burst three colored rows of balloons.

The higher the clown jumps, the more balloons that can be burst and the greater the score that can be obtained. Yellow balloons in the lowest row are worth twenty points each, green balloons in the middle row are worth fifty points each, and blue balloons in the top row are worth one hundred points each. In addition, there is point bonus for eliminating all the balloons in any row. When the clown bursts the last balloon in a row, he hangs there momentarily as appropriate "award music" is played. Then he jumps back down to the springboard and the row of balloons is reset. An additional bonus of an extra "jump" is provided the player whenever he bursts the entire top row of blue balloons.

"CIRCUS" can be adjusted for 3, 5, 7, or 9 "jumps per game. As long as the clowns continue bouncing off the springboard points are accumulated. However, the speed of the jumping clowns increase, thereby testing the skill of the player. If the clown misses the board, he tumbles and falls, and appropriate music is played.
(source: Exidy flyer)

Dimensions: 63" x 25 1/2" x 29"
Weight: 240 lbs.

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