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It's a blast!
It's a first-person space flight simulator that takes the player on a journey into the fourth dimension! It's a whole new perspective on an alternate reality with the kind of dramatic depth perception and high fidelity stereo sound that leads the player into a breathtaking adventure through the outer reaches of space!

blast off: the anti-planet
The player takes hold of the exclusive 49-way Power Grip, equipped with a blast button and hyperdrive, and is caught up in a space battle with clever anti-forces and bold configurations. The screen is the player's windshield as he fires his laser blaster at roto-shooting robots, androids and devils, and at fighter ships and bombers programmed in an all-out attack mode. The player must also avoid colliding with barriers if he is to survive. Flying through arches and destroying control centers in the guard towers score more points.

through the time tunnel
The player now journeys through light years of spinning spirals in the time tunnel. He must aim his ship and fly to the spaceman floating helpless in the black void in order to rescue them.

no space to hide
It's Russian Roulette, space style! The closer the player lets the alien forces come to his ship before he activates his blast button, the more points he scores when he does destroy them. But it's living dangerously with enemies such as death riders, robots, squadrons, destructor satellites, awesome starships that shoot deadly rotos, and fighters that launch mines!

the asteroid belt: the rockiest phase of all
This is it! The player must avoid collisions with myriads of asteroids and planets as he hyperdrives to catch and destroy ships that zoom by him, and as he blasts saucers, Cyborg ducks, space cats, and the ultimate evil, the asteroid-spewing death skull, as they attack head-on. Here the player can also save stranded spacemen by picking them up in his ship and can re-energize his power pack by charging into the electrifying "E"!
As play progresses, new challenges and enemies come to life on the screen. By destroying the red saucer in the saucer squadron last, the player earns a bonus; destroying it first earns a bonus and automatically wipes out the entire squadron. When the batship squadron attacks, however, the player must shoot the entire squad to score a bonus.
(source: Williams flyer)

Duramold™ cabinet
Dimensions: 72" x 29" x 31"
Weight: 270 lbs.

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