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Atari Basketball : GAME DETAILS
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Atari Basketball

Game Description:

Shoot Two!
Designed for top 1 or 2 player attraction in any location, Atari Basketball's game play is so realistic, it's like you were slam-dunking the tie-breaker in the last seconds of an actual game. Attention-getting attraction mode displays realistically animated players fast-breaking, shooting, scoring, blocking shots...challenging players to test their dribbling and rebounding skills and shooting accuracy against each other or the "robot" player.

"Sweet Georgia..." The coin drops, the start button simultaneously activates the familiar "Sweet Georgia Brown" and the "jump ball". The crowd cheers, the players square off to get the ball on the tip-off... and the play is on! Each player controls his man --dribbling left, right, forward, back-- angling for the best position to shoot and score. The crowd cheers each time a basket is made.

Control, the name of the game!
Tip-off. The ball drops from the top of the screen. Each player "jumps" his man by pressing his button. Whoever touches the ball first gains possession.
Offense. The offensive player, maneuvered by the Trak-Ball, dribbles toward the basket trying to break from the defense and get into scoring position. Shooting is push-button controlled. For a long shot, the button is held until shooting arm is at highest point; for key shot, the button is held until arm is half-way up; for a close shot, arm is held in level position. To shoot, the button is released to let the ball fly.
Defense. The defensive player, also maneuvered by the Trak-Ball, can move to "steal" the ball by moving directly in front of the offensive player; to "block" a shot or ball-carrier, the player presses his button to make his man "jump" to intercept the ball. (And get a cheer from the crowd.)
Turnovers. If a shot is missed, both players battle to grab the rebound. After a score, the ball automatically changes hands under the basket, the scoring player returns to center court and the action begins again.
(source: Atari flyer)

Dimensions: 70.18" x 29.5" x 78.8"
Weight: 650 lbs.

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